About Us


Since QubicaAMF is the largest producer of bowling equipment and accessories in the world, we are in a position to offer a wide variety of both new and used equipment that has been specifically designed to suit the needs of individual buyers. We can supply all the necessary accessories, i.e., balls, pins, etc that an operator requires opening and operating a bowling centre


ABS has a total staff of 20, distributed between Singapore and Malaysia, with a cumulative total of over 200 years experience.


ABS has invested in the bowling industry and owns its own regional warehousing facilities and office in Singapore with area of 7200 sq ft, situated at No 29 Hillview Terrace, Hillview Warehouse #06-03/05/06.  We maintain an inventory of over 2,500 line items and have an adequate supply of spare parts, finishes, bowling balls, shoes and supplies necessary to service the bowling industry. 

Technical Back-up

ABS has fully-trained installation crew in both Singapore and Malaysia.  Our technical crew has long experience in installing and servicing all QubicaAMF equipment including lanes, pinspotters and automatic scorings.  All crew members have been trained and certified by QubicaAMF and regularly attend special installation technician courses conducted at QubicaAMF Headquarter, Richmond, USA.  Crew supervisors speak a variety of languages including English, Malay and Chinese. As an exclusive distributor, we are also in a position to request for QubicaAMF assistance if necessary but since our crew is properly trained, this is seldom required.  We do not need to pay expensive airfare to pay for foreign technicians to service your equipment and these savings are passed on to you.


We also resurface numerous bowling centers throughout the area. Because of our superior technical knowledge, we are often called on to resurface Brunswick as well as QubicaAMF centers.


We can provide a full range of repair services including the following:


Lane Patching
Epoxy Injection
Pindeck Replacement
Pinspotter Repair and Maintenance
Pinspotter Upgrade
Lane and Machine Removal


Our installation supervisors will provide the center technicians with proper pinspotter maintenance procedures as well as copies of technical manuals required to service the equipment. This is done during the installation of the equipment. In addition ABS has installed a pinspotter training school at our Malaysia warehouse where the centers’ technicians can be sent for further training.


Management Services are also available and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. ABS can supply qualified technical support on a daily, weekly, monthly or contract basis. A program can be designed to suit the individual customer's requirements.


Over the years, we have arranged seminars by leading international experts in the following area:

  1. Paul Lane Learn to Bowl Seminar

    a) Basic

    b) Intermediate

    c) Advanced

    d) Basic and Intermediate Ball Drilling

  2. Dick Ritger - Bowlers’ Academy
  3. Dick Ritger – AMF Staff of Champions - Advance Bowler Coaching
  4. - including training of all Singapore coaches, many of whom are now recognized as national coaches.

  5. Ball Drilling Seminars conducted by Professional drillers from AMF, Columbia and PBA
  6. AMF/Century Lane Maintenance Seminars
  7. AMF Gracious Host Program
  8. Dave Husted Professional Bowl Tour – Columbia Staff of Champions
  9. Dave Smart Drilling Seminar – Columbia Staff of Champions
  10. Dick Weber – AMF Staff of Champions – member PBA Hall of Fame


Members of the ABS staff are trained pro shop operators and are available to train your people.  In addition, we maintain the largest inventory of balls and bowling supplies in this area.  Products include QubicaAMF, Global900, AMF 300, Columbia and Track.  A large enough selection to satisfy your pro shop needs.


Since our incorporation, ABS has installed over 2500 lanes.  Countries serviced under Singapore, East and West Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia including Java, Sumatra, Brunei, Philippines, India, Myanmar and Vietnam.